MST Capsulorhexis Forceps with Rhexis Ruler

We worked hard with Howard Fine, Rich Hoffman and Barry Seibel to bring you the worlds best capsulorhexis forceps.  When you use these capsulorhexis forceps you'll note how much care went into them to help you create an accurate capsulorhexis. We designed and make two types:

  • With our unique Rhexis Ruler and Seibel Viewport ( a port in the grasping tips to help you see where you are grasping) 
  • With a Rhexis Ruler alone.

Both of our Rhexis forceps provide the following benefits:

  • Their Coaxial design doesn't gape the wound, which reduces viscoelastic egress.
  • Their jaws open wide to make a great pinch of the capsule.
  • Their jaws also close tight to the cannula end, which reduces the chance of catching Decemet's when working close to the wound.
  • They incorporate a Ruler for which the lines are the whole numbers, and the bottoms of the numbers are the half millimeter mark.

Like all MST products, the MST Capsulorhexis Forceps with Rhexis Ruler & Viewport comes with our 30 day "Love it or leave it" no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Catalog Numbers:


Description Catalog numbers  
Seibel Capsulorhexis Forceps with Rhexis Ruler™ and ViewPort, dull tips DFH-0029  
Seibel Capsulorhexis Forceps with Rhexis Ruler and ViewPort, sharp tips DFH-0030  
Fine/Hoffman Rhexis Forceps w/Seibel Rhexis Ruler (no viewport) DFH-0020